Also … see our job description for a high-school lab assistant

Gouldsboro is seeking applications from college-age students for two internships during the Summer of 2022. One of the interns will work with the Shore and Storm project and the other with the Shellfish Resilience project. Gouldsboro will supply summer housing for both interns on the Schoodic Institute campus in Acadia National Park. The internships differ in the skills that are required and what the intern will do. The position announcements, below, will help applicants decide which internship is the best fit for what they know and want to learn. Applicants should send a resume and a description of their background and potential contribution to the project to before March 15, 2022.

The Shellfish Resilience Project Internship

Gouldsboro’s Shellfish Lab grows soft-shell clams during their first year of life for use in restoring clam flats. In 2022 we will focus on reducing summer clam mortality caused by green crab predation. (See this post for more about predation.) We will grow clams in trays floating in the harbor and seawater upwellers in the Lab and collect data about clam growth rates, mortality, and overall costs for each approach. We are seeking an intern who will assist in maintaining the indoor and outdoor systems and collecting and analyzing data necessary for the analysis.

The Shore and Storm Project Internship

The Shore and Storm Project involves residents in information sharing, data collection, and planning to address challenges related to sea-level rise, storm events, and disappearing shore access. The summer intern will facilitate this communication process, attending both to the detailed, place-based information that residents bring and the information about processes and broader patterns that experts can offer. We are looking for an intern interested in how communities use science in decision-making. The intern will gain first-hand experience with the real-world challenges of making that process work.