Planning for Gouldsboro’s Future

Gouldsboro invites all residents to an informal planning workshop at Peninsula School in Prospect Harbor on Sunday, May 21, 2023. The workshop is the first step toward using the "Vulnerability Assessment and Action Plan" report that the Town received from FB Environmental last fall. The workshop will engage participants in considering and prioritizing the actions recommended by FB Environmental. Members of the FB Environmental team that wrote the report will be on hand to answer questions.

Where Do You See Trouble Ahead?

Over the coming years, storms that drop a lot of rain in a short period will become more frequent in our part of the country and sea level is predicted to be at least a foot and a half higher by 2050. Knowing this, Gouldsboro wants to plan ahead so that, when doing regular maintenance and repairs to roads, culverts, and other town infrastructure, it can invest, bit by bit, in upgrades to get ready for what's in the future. Learn how you can help ...