Gouldsboro is vulnerable to flooding hazards related to sea level rise, storm surge, and extreme precipitation events. The Gouldsboro Shore Program contracted with FB Environmental, a Portland environmental consulting firm, to assess these vulnerabilities and recommend actions Gouldsboro can take to address them. FB Environmental’s report focuses on potential changes between now and 2050. It provides the Town with action items and necessary information to start moving forward with addressing climate resiliency vulnerabilities.

FB Environmental found that two of the Town’s greatest vulnerabilities are the flooding of transportation infrastructure and working waterfront infrastructure. Their report prioritizes recommended actions based on the extent and probability of inundation between now and 2050 and the severity of infrastructure impacts.

The list of highest priority areas includes Corea’s Working Waterfront, Corea Road, and Grand Marsh Bay Road. Locations of moderately high priority include Crowley Island Road, Main Street in Prospect Harbor, Bunker Pound Road, the Clinic Road bridge, Guzzle Road, and Redding Road.

Recommended actions for the highest priority vulnerabilities include:

  • Securing funding for and then undertaking feasibility and design studies to reduce vulnerability in Corea Harbor.
  • Begin securing funding and shovel-ready engineering designs for modifications to Corea Road and Grand Marsh Bay Road, then incorporate these modifications into the Town’s schedule of infrastructure upgrades and replacements. Work with State programs to secure grant funding for the modifications.

Early in the next calendar year, the Gouldsboro Shore Program will work with Town Infrastructure Superintendent Paul Shoemaker and Harbor Master Mike Pinkham to create meetings and listening sessions to include Town property owners and residents in discussing the FB Environmental report and recommended actions.

Below is a downloadable copy of the report. Get in touch with us if you have questions or want to participate in discussions and work on the next steps.

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