photo of Ada Fisher
Ada Fisher

We are delighted to announce that Ada Fisher has joined the Gouldsboro shore team as an intern. A junior at Sumner Memorial High School, Ada is on the cross-country and track teams and is considering career options that will keep her connected to the shore and ocean.

Ada’s internship will involve her in all aspects of the Gouldsboro Shore program: shellfish resilience, shore access, shore infrastructure, and community engagement. Over the past weeks, Ada has worked back through all of the photos we took of clams in upweller buckets to create a week-by-week record of clam sizes. Now she is graphing all those data. We know that growth was too slow; Ada’s work will give us a quantitative picture of just how slow it was and whether there was a point when it began to speed up a bit.

In the coming weeks, Ada will begin work on ways to strengthen connections between the program and the community, including teachers and students. As the Shellfish Lab gets up and running again, she will be part of the team that collects water samples to identify places with lower green crab densities.

After she worked with us last summer, Ada headed off to Argentina as an exchange student for five months. She will be presenting a talk about her experiences in Argentina at the Dorcas Library at 11 AM this coming Saturday, April 8. Stop by the library to hear her talk and to meet Gouldboro Shore’s new intern. We are very pleased to have her join the team.

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