Gouldsboro, in collaboration with Schoodic Institute, is pleased to announce that Noah Milsky and Hannah Volk have accepted our offers of college student internships for the coming summer. Noah will join the team in late May and Hannah will begin in early June.

Shellfish Resilience Lab Research Assistant

Photo of Noah Milsky
Noah Milsky

Noah Milsky will work as a lab research assistant for the Shellfish Resilience Project. He is an environmental science major from Colby College with a background in harvesting a variety of shellfish along Cape Cod Bay including razor clams, soft-shell clams, and quahogs.  He is experienced in using Rstudio to describe data and has worked as a shorebird monitor for the Natural Resource Department in Orleans, Massachusetts

The Shellfish Project is focused on testing community approaches to the restoration of clam flats in the Schoodic region.  Noah will work closely with the Shellfish Warden, Mike Pinkham, in growing clams both inside and outside the “Clam Lab”, and collecting data on the impact of green crab predation. He will work with Bill Zoellick on analyzing those data and assessing the lab’s performance in supporting clam restoration.

Science Communication and Community Engagement Intern

Photo of Hannah Volk
Hannah Volk

Hannah Volk comes to Maine as a student at Brandeis University. Hannah’s work with the Shore and Storm Project will engage Gouldsboro residents in identifying community issues and locations vulnerable to major weather events as well as limitations to coastal access for shellfish harvesters.  Hannah’s academic focus in Environmental Science and Music brings together different skills for community engagement in identifying how local populations use science in individual and town decision-making. She will work closely with town employees as well as community volunteers in stimulating discussion and interest in science-based town planning for current and future climate change impacts.

Please join Gouldsboro and the Schoodic Institute in welcoming Noah and Hannah for this summer. Once they’re here, there will be opportunities to get to know them and work with them.

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