1. Make sure the pump is running and put on an apron and boots
  2. Turn off 1 and ½ valves in both tanks
  3. Open the valve that goes to the hose
  4. Check the water pressure on the hose
    1. You want enough pressure to spray the mud and clam poop through the mesh, but not too much pressure that you will harm the seed clams
    2. If the water pressure is too hard, open any one of the valves a little more
  5. Place one of the sieve boxes outside and near the ledge
Aerial view of small seed clams mixed with clam waste
Seed clams and their poop
  1. Carefully scrape down the sides of the seed clam bucket with your hand making sure there are no seed clams stuck to the sides. 
  2. Some seed clams like to stick to the sides right near the t-valve which can be hard to reach. Those clams are easier to scrape down if you twist the t-valve so that it is vertical instead of horizontal. 
  3. Once all the clams are scraped off of the t-valve and sides of the bucket, remove the planter pot from under the bucket and place it in another bucket or out of the way.
  4. Twist off the t-valve 
  5. Quickly move the bucket off of the nipple and make sure the hole is above the water line so that clams can’t escape. 
  6. Bring the bucket and t-valve out of the water and place them into the sieve box outside
  7. Take the hose and spray down the clams and mesh inside the bucket
  8. Lift the bucket up and spray the mesh and clams from underneath the bucket.
  9. Also spray down the t-valve
  10. Grab the bucket and t-valve and place the bucket back in the upweller. 
  11. Before attaching the bucket back onto the nipple make sure the seed clams are covering the entire bottom of the bucket and that the mesh is clean. 
  12. With the bucket in one hand and the t-valve in the other, place the bucket back onto the nipple while quickly screwing the t-valve back onto the nipple before any clams escape. 
  13. Spread out clams evenly again if necessary
  14. Put the planter pot back under the bucket
  15. Repeat steps 6-19 for the other buckets. 

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