An Icon on Our Shore

On the morning of June 27, a fire broke out at Gull Cottage in Prospect Harbor destroying much of the lighthouse keeper’s house.  While the lighthouse itself is a beacon, the keeper’s house, Gull Cottage, is a special icon to many of us. Gouldsboro Shore is working to “keep Gouldsboro’s shore at the center of the community.” Gull Cottage has been doing that for 131 years.  

Clam Cookbook

Do you have a favorite clam recipe that you would be proud to share with others in town? Maybe a chowder recipe? A clam and sausage stew? Clam risotto or a dynamite clam spaghetti recipe? A luscious baked clams recipe? The Gouldsboro Shore project is putting together a cookbook of clam recipes to show off the skills and imagination of Gouldsboro's cooks. (Winter Harbor's cooks are welcome too!)

Clams and Songs of Love and the Sea

On Friday, May 6, the Gouldsboro Shore Project joins the Winter Harbor Music Festival in presenting “Sirens and Sailors - Songs of Love and the Sea”, a recital ranging from songs of Mozart, Strauss and Rachmaninov to traditional folk, sea shanties, and siren songs. GBshore and WHMF share a commitment to protecting the Schoodic Peninsula’s shoreline and shellfish populations.